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Neuro - Fuzzy Analysis for Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grains Production.

AO Odior
FA Oyawale
JA Akpobi
ES Orsharh


Grinding wheels are made of very small, sharp and hard abrasive materials or grits held together by strong porous bond. Abrasive materials are materials of extreme hardness that are used to shape other materials by a grinding or abrading action and they are used either as loose grains, as grinding wheels, or as coatings on cloth or paper. The manufacture of abrasives in Nigeria has been severely impeded by the difficulty of identifying suitable local raw materials and the associated local formulation for abrasives with global quality standards. This paper presents a study on application of neuro fuzzy to the formulation of silicon carbide abrasives using locally sourced raw materials in Nigeria. Five local raw material substitutes were identified through pilot study and the fuzzy variables of the raw materials were identified while the input parameters, output parameters, the linguistic variable and the desired output were used to get the true result.

Key words: Abrasive Materials, Local raw material, Silicon carbide abrasives, Pilot study, Neuro Fuzzy.

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eISSN: 1116-4336