A Pedagogical Study of the Oyibo’s Grand Unification Theorem With Realization of Some Standard Equations

  • GE Akpojotor
  • MW Echenim


The God Almighty Grand Unification Theory (GAGUT) proposed by Oyibo to unify all known forces in nature and other possibly unknown force fields has remained controversial not just because of its ambitious claims but also because of its unconventional mathematical approach. He has adopted the mathematical approach from his experience at solving the Navier Stokes equations in fluid mechanics using invariance of an arbitrary function under a group of conformal transformations. However, this exoteric approach resulted in a sound mathematical formulation for the modelling philosophy of GAGUT which is that since the fundamental characteristic of the universe is motion and motion can only be provided by force, then the universe could be viewed as a large force field. Oyibo then represented the conservation of this large force field at a given space time point in the universe by a set of generic equations from which he obtained his generic solutions whose specific applications depend on the initial/boundary conditions and other physical constraint conditions. An important achievement of the Oyibo’s methodology is that modelling with it is reduced to algebraic operations rather than differential equations for the most parts in previous methodologies. With this understanding from pedagogically studying the modelling philosophy and mathematics of the GAGUT, we have been able to recover from it simple standard equations such as in the Fermat principle for geometric optics. This is encouraging and therefore supports the possibility to recover more results and also to provide new ones, thereby supporting the GAGUT as a potential candidate for a grand unification theory.

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eISSN: 1116-4336