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On The Dynamic Analysis of A Simply Supported Rectangular Plate

IO Abiala
BO Bolaji


The dynamic behaviour of a simply supported rectangular plate is studied. This research work is based on the theory of the orthotropic plate simply supported on two sides and free on two other sides. The plate is excited by a moving load while the dynamic response of the structure was obtained using the classical double Fourier series expansion technique, which satisfies the boundary conditions at the four edges. In the absence of the external excitation, the vibration yields free frequencies, other wise, forced frequency is produced. The results obtained from the numerical example are in agreement with the ones in the existing literatures. In addition, the effects of variations in flexural rigidity and that of the frequencies of vibrations are also presented.

Keywords: dynamic, rectangular plate, classical, frequencies

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Volume 19 (November, 2011), pp 183 – 192

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eISSN: 1116-4336