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Determination of Transmission Line Impedance Matching Parameters

PO Otasowie


In this work, transmission line impedance matching parameters were determined in Ugbowo ED0024GI Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) base station in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The transmission line impedance matching parameter viz voltage standing wave ratio was measured with the aid of the Anritsu site master instrument model No S332C. the other transmission line impedance matching parameters such as voltage reflection co-efficient and return loss were computed using the voltage standing wave ratio measurement. The analysis of measured and computed matching parameters show that the values obtained are within the acceptable standard threshold values of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio ≤1.50 and Return loss ≥ +14dB used by telecommunication transmission designers worldwide.

Keywords: Impedance matching, voltage standing wave ratio, return loss, voltage reflection coefficient

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, Volume 19 (November, 2011), pp 471 – 474

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eISSN: 1116-4336