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Effects of some antiseptics and disinfectants on Staphylococcus aureus

HI Inabo, AA Orukotan, H Hamza


A total of 6 antiseptics and disinfectants at varying concentrations (20% - 100%) and contact time (10-60 minutes) were tested for the efficacy in the reduction of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from the hands of volunteers. Disinfectant 1 was the most effective disinfectant being bactericidal to S. aureus at 100% concentration with the least contact time of 10 minutes while Antiseptic 1 was the most effective antiseptic being bactericidal to S. aureus at 30% concentration with a contact
time of 20 minutes. Antiseptic 3 and Disinfectant 3 were the least effective antiseptic and disinfectant respectively in killing S.aureus even at 100% concentration. The significance of the efficacy of the new antiseptics and disinfectants in our local markets is stressed.
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