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Preliminary evaluation of the anti-inflamatory activity of extract of Vernonia Amygdalina

OU Georgewill, OA Georgewill


The anti-inflammatory activity of the extract of Vernonia amygdalina (V.A) was investigated. Inflammatory response was induced by topical application of croton oil dissolved in suitable vehicle on the rat ear. After 6hrs, the ear was exised, weighed and the increase in weight relative to controls evaluated. Extract of V.A. when co applied with croton oil to the rat ear produced a reduction in the inflammatory response produced when croton oil alone was applied. The extract produced 67.10 ± 2% reduction of the inflammatory response produced by croton oil alone. This was however, lower than the 71.1 ± 2% reduction of the inflammatory response produced by acetyl salicylic acid, a standard anti-inflammatory agent. This finding suggests that extract of V.A. exhibits antiinflammatory
activity and may explain the usefulness of the leaves of this plant in the
treatment of inflammatory disease conditions by traditional medical practitioners.
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