Formulation Studies on the Water Extract of the Antidiabetic Herbal Drug, Vernonia Amygdalina: I – Granule and Some Capsule Properties

  • BB Kabele-Toge
  • EC Ibezim
Keywords: Vernonia amygdalina, antidiabetic, granules, capsules, herbal drug


Diabetes is a condition of the body where metabolism of sugar is hampered by lack of adequate production of insulin from the organ, pancreas. Herbal remedies for diabetics have become increasingly relevant due to their wide acceptability and minimal toxicity. Bitter leaf is one of such herbal medicines for diabetes and was extracted, granulated and formulated into capsules. The granules were subjected to physicochemical studies while the capsules were tested for disintegration time and uniformity of weight. The formulations exhibited satisfactory properties. Further work is ongoing, to fully standardize the formulation for future use.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8499