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Employee commitment and performance of manufacturing firms

G Umar


Today’s workplace is enveloped by the fear of downsizing , loss of job security , overwhelming change in technology and the stress of having to do more with less. Managers need to establish the type of caring, spirited workplace that will ignite employee commitment. Employee Commitment is vital to the productivity, quality and good performance of an organisation. The objectives of the research were: to identify the employees’  organizational commitment; to establish the relationship between employee’s commitment and job satisfaction that leads to organizational performance; to identify factors that will enhance employee commitment. Primary data used for the study were generated through questionnaires administered to the respondents.79 respondents of Dangote Flour Mills were randomly selected. Tables and percentages were used to present the data collected. Pearson correlation analysis and multiple regression were used to test hypotheses of the study. Findings of the study show that 57.2% of the respondents have high commitment to their organization. Correlation analyzes shows that there was a positive correlation (+ 0. 445) between job satisfaction and employee organizational commitment. Multiple regression revealed that pay and job promotion are the important elements that influence employee commitment. It is recommended that manufacturing organizations should emphasize pay and job promotion to enhance higher employee commitment that will engender high productivity.
Keywords: Commitment, performance, job satisfaction, promotion