Sports tourism and sustainable development in Africa

  • PC Ngoka
  • OA Umeakuka


Mega sporting meets constitute major event attractions which pool large numbers of people to host destinations. Sport-motivated travel contributes sustantially to the business of tourism. Host nations stand good chances of capturing the lion share of this business. The present study examines Africa's position in the hosting of major international sporting events vis - a - vis the other continents of the world. It was found that African countries have, on the whole, hosted only 5% of the total meets in 7 listed top global sporting events from their inceptions. Poor infrastructure and facilities, ailing economies, lack of the enabling political climate, and relative low level of sports development in the continent were identified as key problems limiting Africa’s competitiveness. Proper placement of the tourism sector in the economies of African countries was recommended for mitigating identified problems.

Key words: Sports, tourism, competitiveness, sustainable development


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308