Security implications of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

  • O Idahosa
  • AA Omojowo


The issue of the proliferation of nuclear weapons has been given  widespread international focus arising from the incessant security  imbalance in the world. This is so because these weapons have posed a  nuclear threat to both the “Superpowers” and the rest countries of the  world, knowing fully well that the nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them could inflict terrible damage on the world. Our review of relevant  literature on this research problem indicates the existence of a yawning gap that we feel a further research can help to fill. The researcher has  resorted to the use of the system and security theories for our analysis. In a political system such as ours, we need to bear in mind the fact that when there is a nuclear crisis in Japan, North Korea, Ukrain, etc. The political  system is affected in one way or the other and the issue of security cannot be separated from human existence. We have therefore analyzed the  proliferation of nuclear weapons from the context. The paper concludes that all countries should oppose the production, acquisition, or trade in  separated plutonium or highly-enriched uranium and by supporting efforts in the conference on disarmament and elsewhere to achieve an equitable global ban on such materials.

Keywords: Security, weapons of mass of destruction, proliferation,  superpowers


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eISSN: 1596-8308