Dependence on calculators for acquisition of basic skills in junior secondary school Mathematics

  • RA Ogunkunle
  • G Charles-Ogan


This study investigated dependence of students on calculators for  acquisition of basic skills in junior secondary school mathematics. Ex post facto design was adopted for this study. A total of 280 scripts of students were investigated from 5 junior secondary schools Okrika Local government area of Rivers State. Selection process for respondents was drawn by  random sampling. One hundred and sixty-eight (168) boys and one  hundred and twelve (112) girls constituted the total of 280 respondents for the research. The results from the study showed that students’ really over depended on the use of calculators in solving problems in mathematics.  There was a significant difference on the performance of students who  relied on calculators and those who did not rely on calculators for the  learning of mathematics. There was significant difference in the  performance of male and female students’ who relied on calculators. It was recommended among others that Students’ should be introduced to the  use of calculators but not to the detriment of mastering basic skills. Proper acquisition of basic skills in mathematics is the foundation required for the study of many other courses in the senior secondary school.

Keywords: Dependence, calculators, skills, mathematics, learning


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eISSN: 1596-8308