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Decentralization: A panacea for functional education and national development in Nigeria

J Osaigbovo


This paper examined the decentralization of education in Nigeria as a panacea for functional education and national development. Concentration of power at the federal level as currently existed is not the best to achieve much needed rapid functional education for values, knowledge, skills and national development. Decentralization of power from the federal  government to state and local governments is the way to go, especially in the management of our education system. Education can be best delivered at the state and local government levels. Decentralization of educational  management in Nigeria will encourage creativity and innovation in our  primary and secondary schools, and universities. It will enhance the  availability, adequacy and functionality of schools physical facilities, and promote efficient method of managing schools and spur rapid national development. It was concluded that decentralization of school  management is a panacea for functional education and national  development. The paper recommended that education in Nigeria should be pursued at the state and local government levels to enhance standard and reduces official corruption in school management.

Keywords: Decentralization, educational management, panacea, functional education, national development.

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