Mass media and challenges of sustainable development in Nigeria

  • S Tsegyu


The Mass Media play crucial roles in achieving developmental objectives at local, national and international level. The mass media has been recognized as an important resource for mobilizing an entire nation towards national development. Being an integral part of the social system, the mass media is a major stakeholder in the realization of sustainable development in Nigeria. However, several factors like corruption, poor communication channels, illiteracy, inadequate infrastructure, poor implementation framework and political instability has continued to pose great challenges to the achievement of sustainable development in Nigeria. The study is anchored on the theory of functionalism and development media theory. Considering the fundamental role the mass media occupy in national development, the paper argues that for sustainable development to become a reality in Nigeria, the identified issues that impede the achievement of sustainable development in Nigeria should be addressed, so that the mass media can effectively championed sustainable development efforts in all the sectors of the economy.

Keywords: Challenges, Nigeria, mass media, sustainable development


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eISSN: 1596-8308