Natural Synthesis: Where culture met academics

  • N Chinyere
  • I Emmanuel


This study attempts a detailed analysis of Natural Synthesis, the first meeting point of culture and academics in Nigeria. The study contextualized Natural Synthesis and the Nigerian traditional art and culture in relations to its transformation through the proponents of the philosophy. It discusses in details the genesis of the natural synthesis and it impact on Nigerian modern art. In the bid to enumerate its impact on Nigerian modern art, Uli Ona, Nsibidi, Ara, and the Society of Nigerian Artist were focused on as some of the legacies of the proponents of Natural Synthesis. The proponents of the Natural Synthesis were among the few Nigerian artists to be trained in the first Nigerian institution of Higher learning in Nigerian,the Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology Zaria (NCAST). This study appraises the contributions of the Natural Synthesis to the development of Arts in Nigeria.

Keywords: Synthesis, culture, arts, academics


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308