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ISO 9000 and quality standards improvement in the maintenance units of selected manufacturing firms in Lagos

Paul Olanrewaju Olonade
Emmanuel Olateju Oyatoye


The adoption of ISO 9000 has been widely recognised as potent approaches for improving firm performance and competiveness However, varying level of performance and success have been recorded by firms that adopted it. This study investigated ISO 9000 as a tool for improving quality standards in the maintenance units of selected manufacturing organisations within Lagos Metropolis. The study used cross-sectional descriptive research design, using quantitative research approach. Data were obtained through 110 copies of questionnaire administered to employees across twenty-two selected manufacturing firms in Lagos metropolis. Out of 110 copies, 106 were retrieved and 79 were valid for data analysis, giving a response rate of 71.18%. Data gathered were analysed using mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation and regression analysis. The results show that the adoption of ISO 9000 quality certification tools is significantly related to and influenced the effectiveness of quality practices and standardization in the maintenance units of manufacturing organizations. Similarly, the perception of ISO 9000 tools and effectiveness of quality standardization in the manufacturing firms does not significantly vary across employees’ cadre. On the basis of the findings, the study concludes that ISO 9000 tools certification and practices is not only relevant but very important to enhance business performance and competiveness of manufacturing firms. The study therefore recommends more firms to adopt ISO 9000 for firms` performance and competiveness.

Keywords: ISO 9000, quality management system, maintenance department, certification, performance

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eISSN: 1596-8308