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Spatio-temporal growth pattern and patronage level of airline travel agencies in Nigeria

I.T. Bawa
I.J. Musa
J.O. Adefila
A.E. Ubogu


This study assesses the growth pattern of airline travel agencies over a period of forty years across locations in Nigeria as well as the patronage level of agency business. The need for the study arises because of the technological marketing of airline tickets through direct online ticket sales that aims at reducing cost by eliminating travel agents’ commissions. The study made use of primary data involving a questionnaire survey of 215 IATA travel agents on their view about the patronage level of agency business. Secondary data required for the study were extracted from the records of IATA on the number and locations of registered travel agencies in Nigeria from the year 1975 – 2014. Data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential analyses. Data were also mapped to show the spatial distribution of travel agencies across locations in Nigeria over four decades. The study found a decrease in the growth rate of travel agencies during the fourth decade of 1995 – 2004. The results of the mapping show that Lagos dominates the location of travel agencies in Nigeria over the years. The patronage level of travel agencies by both individuals and corporate bodies was found to be moderate. It was recommended that that travel agents need to strategise to diversify business focus into other areas such as hotel booking and organisation of tours.

Keywords: Airlines, agencies, patronage, temporal, spatial

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eISSN: 1596-8308