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Tax aggressiveness and corporate social responsibility fluidity in Nigerian firms

Prince Umor C. Agundu
Akeem A. Siyanbola


Modern corporations epitomize the nexus between shareholding and wider-spectrum stake-holding, where key units desire to fundamentally maximize or fairly satisfice. Driven by benevolence, firms made meaningful contributions to society but now, many are exploiting the fluidity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to lubricate tax aggressiveness. This study examines interfacing and intervening variables using data from 13 distinguished firms among Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) top 30. The analytical methods involve descriptive, correlation and regression statistics, with robust, fixed and random effects consideration. The results establish that tax aggressiveness is significantly related with CSR focal components (environmental enhancement and community involvement). Accordingly, the firms are implored to leverage on their fortunes to enhance tax compliance and reinvent CSR indulgence among globally competitive entities. This should strategically synchronize with transaction, speculation and precaution financing intents to forge mutually expedient cash flow mechanisms for sustainable corporate advancement and national development.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, environment, stakeholder, tax, aggressiveness

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eISSN: 1596-8308