Journal of Research in National Development

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Improving Livestock Production Through Alley Farming Practice In Anambra State

EC Orji, GI Onwughalu, CO Ugwumba


Alley Farming is a system where food crops are planted in the alleys between hedgerows of leguminous trees. An appraisal study was undertaken to review the importance and need to combine alley farming with livestock production in fragile soil of Anambra State using structured questionnaire and oral interview method. Results showed that the system offered a means of integrating livestock with crop production. When practiced on sloppy lands, the trees help to check erosion and conserve the soil. The trees chosen for the system were capable of maintaining and improving soil fertility, remain productive under pruning, allow improved crop production and provide nutritious and palatable livestock feed. Leucaena Leucocephala (Leucenia), Cajanus Cajan (pigeon pea), Diallium guineense (Icheku) found to be most suitable under Anambra environment. The system was found to have increased crop yield and animal productivity in the area of study. It is therefore recommended to cash-strapped poor farmers and government agencies in Anambra state.

Journal of Research in National Development Vol. 4 (1) 2006: pp. 35-39
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