Production Of Insulating Bricks For Kiln Construction

  • FO Uzzi
  • O Onabanjo


This study is concerned with the production of insulating bricks. Despite the numerous kinds of Bricks in existence, this study was restricted to the production of insulating bricks on the availability of raw materials. The study also solved half way the problem of kiln construction with the ability to produce insulating bricks, to be able to understand the use of the product; the related types of procedures used are as follows: Sourcing for this materials, Line blend/drying and firing shrinkage test of refractory body, Production of insulating bricks. On the basis of the analysis of the data for this study, the following major findings were pertinent. The insulating bricks are adequate for constructing a kiln. The insulating bricks are capable of been fired to stone ware, temperature of 1280 (capable of heat storage). The general conclusion of this study is that Pottery and Kiln building go hand in hand because any Potter who intends to make a living from his craft needs a good insulating bricks.

JORIND Vol. 4 (2) 2006: pp. 137-139

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eISSN: 1596-8308