Journal of Research in National Development

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The Impact Of Family Structure On Psychosocial Adjustment Of Adolescents

PA Okpechi


This paper x-ray the psychosocial adjustment of adolescences based on their families structure, hence families were further revealed to include intact family, divorced family, separated family, psychological and none psychological broken homes, as it influence adolescence generally. Under the definition of terms psychosocial and other words were defined for the purpose of clarity. A hypothesis was postulated to guide the study as the study was restricted to Central Senatorial District in Cross River state of Nigeria. Upon the analysis of the hypothesis the result revealed that family structure has great influence over the adolescence. Based on that, the researcher stated the implication and recommendations to remedy the problems since the study equally revealed that adolescence are in a cross road.

JORIND Vol. 5 (1) 2007: pp.138-143
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