Journal of Research in National Development

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Comparison Of Clustering Techniques And A Univariate Technique In The Site Selection On Multilocation Trial

AF Busari


The experiment was carried out in four zones of Kwara Agricultural Development Programmes and each of these techniques was used to group the sixteen locations into groups of similar locations and a critical intelligent observation of each group was then carried out for each technique. At the initial stage of analysis, there was a disagreement between the two techniques. In further analysis of clustering technique and with the application of either complete linkage or further neighbour linkage methods, there was a positive perfect correlation on the memberships of the groups. Therefore, any of these two techniques could be used to group locations. The only difference is that clustering technique is more subjective than ANOVA/DMR test technique.

Keywords: Locations, Clustering technique, Analysis of Variance technique and Multilocation trial

JORIND Vol. 5 (2) 2007: pp. 3-3
AJOL African Journals Online