Journal of Research in National Development

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Statistical Analysis Of The Share Price Movement Of Stocks

EI Chukwuma


This study was aimed at providing the investor with timing evidence in decisions with regards to the purchase of and sale of equities that will lead towards higher annual returns from his stock investment as well as to understand the causes and pattern of shares price movements as it affects investment decisions in the Nigeria Stock Exchange by carrying out an analysis of average monthly prices of the quoted stock of First Bank and Union Bank for 2006.The method of least square and correlation analysis was carried out on the average monthly prices for the period under study. Among the major findings were; the average monthly share prices decreased with respect to time. There existed a significance difference in the average monthly share prices quoted by these banks. It was recommended among other things that investors should sell shares between May to August and buy other months

Keywords: Share; Stock; Investment; Market

JORIND Vol. 5 (2) 2007: pp. 4-4
AJOL African Journals Online