Child Abuse And The Educational Attainment Of Secondary School Students In Science Subjects

  • KVF Fatokun


This study investigates the causes and consequences of child abuse on Secondary School students in the learning of Science subjects in Karu Local Government Area, a suburb of the FederalCapitalCity, Abuja, Nigeria. The survey sample consists of five (5) Secondary Schools across the entire study area, where students, teachers and parents opinions were sampled through the use of validated questionnaire. The results were analysed using simple frequency percentages and the c2 (Chi- Square) test. From the analysis, it is clear that child abuse has very strong psychological effects on the abused child and thus reduces his or her chances of active participation and high performance in the science lessons when compared with other students who are less abused or not abused at all. Among other factors, it was also observed that divorce, separation among spouses, infidelity, economic hardship and poverty leading to child labour, and illiteracy are responsible for most cases of child abuse in a CapitalCity suburb. Children should therefore be provided with enabling environment by both the parents, and the Government to enhance their effectiveness in Science learning

Keywords: Child abuse, frequency percentages, c2 (Chi- Square) tests, Effectiveness in Science Learning

JORIND Vol. 5 (2) 2007: pp. 15-15

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eISSN: 1596-8308