Empowering Nigerian youths for national economic development: the role of entrepreneurship education

  • B Oghojafor
  • O.L Kuye
  • A.A Sulaimon
  • P.S Okonji


The world over, from USA to Asia, United Kingdom to Africa and Australia to Latin America, entrepreneurship has been promoted as an effective means of stimulating economic growth through the generation of greater  employment opportunities, the development of local technological base and source of foreign exchange earnings. The focus of this study is on the mandatory entrepreneurship course for undergraduate youths in the Nigeria's tertiary institutions. The researchers used structured entrepreneur readiness questionnaire to elicit responses from respondent's who were undergraduates. It was hypothesized and found with the aid of test of proportion that entrepreneurship education imparts entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to students as well as favourably disposes them towards establishing own businesses. This will empower them to contribute positively toward the nation‟s economic development. The researchers recommended that the government should provide a more conducive environment in the form of quality infrastructural facilities and startup financial support to consummate this initiative of entrepreneurship education.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; economic development; technological base; financial support


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308