Marketing activities and national development: is there a link?

  • O Asikhia


The main objective of this study is to establish the link that exists between marketing and national development without losing sight of the intervening variables that might exist between them. The study suggested comparative advantage (CAD), resource-use efficiency (RUET), wealth creation (WECRE) as the possible variables and measure items were developed for them which were subjected to common and confirmatory factor analysis through which second –order factors representing CAD, RUET, and WECRE emerged. The Gaski and Etzel‟s(1980) index of consumer sentiments towards marketing was modified and used to measure marketing activities (MAC) and Diener et al. (1985)‟s satisfaction with life scale (SWLS) was used as measures of quality of life (QOL) for national development. All variables nomological relationship with subjective quality of life (QOL) was established.

: Marketing activities; resource-use efficiency; wealth creation, quality of life


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eISSN: 1596-8308