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Federal character and national stability in Nigeria, 1979-2000

LU Edigin


This paper examines the principles of federal character and national stability in Nigeria between 1979 and 2000. Nigeria right from the colonial times through independence has gone through different political or constitutional arrangements for stability to be sustained. To enhance national stability, the federal character principle was entrenched in the 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which ushered in the presidential system of government. The principle called for equitable representation in all arms of government especially in the executive bureaucracies at all levels of governance in order to correct apparent distortions in the Nigerian federal system. These distortions have been observed in the socio-economic, political, educational, administrative and other spheres of the polity.
Despite the divergent opinions about the utility of this principle, this paper posits that there are benefits to be derived from its application. Measures are also suggested on how to improve on the application.
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