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Analysis of the socio-economic factors associated with gum Arabic collectors in northern guinea savanna zone of Adamawa state, Nigeria

DY Giroh, CS Mesike


The study is an analysis of the socio-economic factors associated with gum arabic collectors in Northern Guinea Savanna Zone of Adamawa State, Nigeria through a questionnaire survey on a sample of 100 respondents obtained through a multi stage sampling technique. Data collected were analyzed
using descriptive statistics and production function analysis. Empirical results of the analysis revealed that gum collectors were mainly males, experienced and characterized by large family sizes and 97% were educated and had one form of formal education or the other. The analysis also revealed that gum
collection was a profitable venture as evidenced by total collection of 48.569 tonnes of gum arabic with gross revenue of N2,137,139.39 while gross revenue/ collector was N21, 371.39. Socio economic factors explained about 72.26 % of the variation in quantities of gum collected. Age, man days of labour and family size are critical factors in gum arabic collection.
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