Loss Minimisation in Transmission and Distribution Networks

  • S Musa
  • AG Ellams


One of the outstanding and major problems in the transmission and distribution system is the losses. This paper highlighted various ways in which energy is lost between the point of generation and consumption and how these losses can be minimized. Matlab was used for the simulation(power system blockset). Some of these losses are technical while others are non technical. Technical losses are inherent in the system and are due to energy dissipated in the conductors and equipment used for transformation, transmission, sub-transmission and distribution of power. Electrical energy is almost exclusively generated transmitted and distributed in the form of alternating current. Thus power factor come into play. Low power factor is highly undesirable as it causes an increase in current, resulting in additional losses of active power in all elements of power system. In order to ensure most favourable condition for a supply system from engineering and economical stand point, it is important to have power factor as closed to unity as possible These losses can be reduced to an optimum level with used of devices like OLTC, FACTS and switched capacitor banks.Thus improving the power factor to a value closed to unity as possible.

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eISSN: 1596-8308