Microbial Ennoblement of Millet Bran for Animal Feed Production.

  • A Yabaya


The effect of inclusion of yeast and groundnut cake in millet bran on body weight gain was determined in six weanling male Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus) of average weight 71.8g. The rats fed with millet bran supplemented with yeast (YT) had an initial weight of 77.8g and a final weight of 142.3g (11.01% increase). The rats fed millet bran supplemented with groundnut cake (GC) weighed 63.4g at the start of the experiment and finally weighed 119.8g (11.45% increase). For the control (unsupplemented millet bran, US) experiment, the mean weight of the rats was 74.1g and finally weighed 106.8g (7.29% increase in weight). Since there was no considerable difference in weight increase between the rats fed with yeast (YT) and rats fed with groundnut cake (GC). Yeast could be used as a protein supplement instead of groundnut cake (GC) in the diet for rats and other poultry.

Keywords: Microbial Ennoblement, Millet bran, Yeast, Groundnut cake, Animal feed.


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eISSN: 1596-8308