The Mass Media: Veritable Tool in the Protection of Human Rights

  • TC Anatsui
  • AK Oyetunde


The paper emphasizes the importance of mass media as veritable tool in creating increase conscious awareness, education and knowledge in the area of protection of human rights. It also advocates a more precise, organized, and purposeful and coordinated mass media approach to create Human Rights consciousness in the minds of populace for national Development and sustainability. Furthermore, the study proposes a guide-dog approach of journalism to Human Rights issues, problems and challenges, as well as the Development Media Theory and Agenda- Setting Theory of Mass Communication to the devastating effects of the violation and the discouragement of Human Rights in Nigeria. The paper concludes that despite the fact that the mass media play important roles in the protection of human rights is well-know to all and sundry, notwithstanding, the mass media in their diversities should work hard towards the attainment of protection of human rights which is the threshold of peace.

Keywords: Mass media, Awareness, Protection, Human rights, Peace .


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308