Aspect of Commuting Behavior and Its Implication for Eradicating Illiteracy in Nigeria

  • ET Jokthan


Illiteracy is a global problem, Nigeria is not an exception. There are quite sizeable numbers of Nigerians that can’t read and write and compute basic arithmetic. Successive governments have invested heavily in an effort to eradicate this disease. They have established structures responsible for working day in day out to reducing illiteracy to its barest minimum. At the national level there is a Commission for Adult Education and in all the States and the Federal Capital Territory are established Agencies for Adult Education. These bodies have established literacy classes where instructors teach adults basic literacy. It was observed that attendance and punctuality by both instructors and adult learners have not been taken seriously. This factor, it is thought, would hamper the progress in eradicating illiteracy in Nigeria. This paper looked at the effects of lateness to productivity especially adult  learning. It concluded by providing for how to deal with Lateness.

Keywords: Illiteracy, Adult Education, Literacy classes, Instructors.


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eISSN: 1596-8308