Electric Power Transmission Optimization

  • NO Ogbogu
  • G Anaemeje


In this paper, the optimization of an electric power transmission system is presented giving specific consideration on system configuration and characteristics. It is a fact that power transmission systems are meshed in configuration unlike the distribution systems that are usually configured in radials. The nature of electric power transmission networks makes it hard to manage. Thus, giving need for optimization. Transmission systems are characterized by long lines leading to; increased cost of investment, maintenance and line losses. So the problem of optimization of electric power transmission as considered in this paper is that power flow (Optimal Power Flow (OPF)) modeling considering investment cost minimization, minimization of transmission losses, optimal maintenance and maximization of power delivery, all subject to power constraints. The constraints involved are the physical laws governing the power generation-transmission systems and the operating limitations of the equipment such as generator real and reactive power output, bus voltages, shunt capacitors/reactors, transformer tap-setting and power flow of transmission lines.

Keywords: Optimal power flow modeling, power constraints, transmission systems.


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eISSN: 1596-8308