Relativities of Exclusive Breastfeeding between Urban and Rural Lactating Women in Imo State

  • AN Maduforo
  • RO Onuoha


The practice of exclusive breastfeeding by urban and rural lactating women in Imo State Nigeria was studied. Structured and validated questionnaires were used to obtain information on the socio-economic characteristics, correct knowledge and practice of exclusive breastfeeding as well as the constraints to the practice. The result of the survey show that about 91% of urban lactating women have correct knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding against the rural counterparts of 89%. Also, the survey revealed that not all that have the knowledge are practicing it in both urban (66.41%) and rural (57.78) areas. However some constraints were identified to be responsible which include poverty, lack of time, knowledge, and some do not believe that only breastmilk is enough to sustain their baby of less than 6months as well as many other excuses. Most importantly, there some of them (18% urban) and (22%) rural women that are not ready to practice in on their subsequent child birth due to their believe. This therefore calls for more intensified effort in the implementation of Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) guidelines for successful breastfeeding in all health institutions and clinics.

Keywords: Exclusive breastfeeding, urban, rural, lactating women.


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eISSN: 1596-8308