Globalization Crisis and National Security: A Reflection on Nigeria Textile Industry

  • M Muhammad


This paper examined the impact of globalization on the Nigerian textile industry with focus on job loss and national security. It gave an insight to the fact that, just as fire has several benefits to mankind, its harmful effects are enormous. Thus, while globalization has several palpable positive effects on the countrys industrial growth, it also has strong adverse effects on employment in Nigerian textile industry vis-à-vis Nigerian security. The problems associated with globalization and liberalization of trade also hinders economic growth, security, and sustainable development. The impact of this kind of economy on job security is far-reaching. This paper is predicated upon information obtained from secondary and primary sources and evidenced from the rate of non-performance of the textile industries in Nigeria. The paper suggested that Nigeria needs to redirect its resources towards building self-sustaining independent economy.

Keywords: Globalisation, national security, textile industry


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eISSN: 1596-8308