The Multiple Intelligences Teaching Method and Mathematics Teaching

  • US Anaduaka


This paper considered the importance of mathematics in a country like Nigeria that is rapidly undergoing social change and scientific/technological progress. It noted with dismay the decline in the success rates of students in the subject despite its importance. This situation does not augur well for a nation in quest of scientific and technological development. It therefore calls for an urgent need to constantly seek ways of meeting the mathematics needs of students until things improve. Results of researches carried out by mathematics educators reveal that the dismal performance of students in the subject is mainly due to defects in the teachers teaching methods. Consequently students lose interest in the subject and feel disengaged. The Multiple Intelligences teaching approach has evolved and been embraced widely especially in the United States. The approach has been found to be very effective in changing situations for the better, in the teaching and learning of any subject especially mathematics. Multiple Intelligences teaching approach proposes a major transformation in the way schools are run. It suggests that lessons be presented through a variety of ways using pictures/ drawings, music, cooperative learning, field trips, activities, role playing, games, and much more so that each child has the opportunity to learn in ways harmonious with his/her God given talents. This paper therefore set out to introduce Nigerian mathematics teachers to the Multiple Intelligences teaching approach for an enhanced performance of students in mathematics.

Keywords: Mathematics, achievement, interest, multiple intelligences


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eISSN: 1596-8308