Towards Opimal Utilization of School Facilities in Secondary Schools

  • MA Yusuf
  • OI Akinniranye


This study deals with the adequate utilization of available educational facilities in secondary schools. The paper focuses school mapping as a means of identifying the appropriate site where educational facilities are to be located. School plants are crucial issue in school administration which paces emphasis on the school site, buildings and the equipment used during the process of teaching and learning. These facilities requires a very careful attention aimed at setting up a school network which would meet the future demand for education to enhance the maximum realization of the targets set by National Policy on Education. As a result, this paper focuses on basic facilities and equipment, utilization of facilities and equipments and also carries out a diagnosis of enrolment in relation to school plants utilization. The paper also made some recommendations surrounding the appropriate utilization of school plants towards the attainment of school objectives.

Keywords: School mapping, school plant, utilization and enrolment


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-8308