Youth Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation: The Experience in Nigeria's Ogun State

  • JA Fayemi


This study focused on Youth Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation in Ogun State. The outcome of this study would assist the government at all levels to effectively deal with unemployment among the youths. It will help the planners and the policy makers to determine the best methods to tackle poverty in order to alleviate youth employment. The study made use of descriptive research design for the investigation. All the local government in Ogun State constitutes the population for the study. Out of these, two local governments were purposefully selected for investigation. Stratified random sampling method was employed to select the two local governments. Questionnaire and personal interview were the instruments used for the collection of information. The data collected were analyzed using the percentage and chisquare statistical method and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The result obtained were recorded which include youth empowerment policy is the best policy for alleviation of poverty among the youths. The outcome of this study reveals that youth empowerment policy will go along way to alleviate suffering of the youths. Based on this result, it was recommended that government should involve youths in the design and implementation of policies aimed at alleviating their poverty level.

Keywords: Poverty, alleviation, empowerment, youth


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eISSN: 1596-8308