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Impact of IFAD Poverty Intervention Programme on Rural Poverty Reduction in Slected LGAs of Sokoto State

RI Shehu, YZ Abdullahi, HM Aliero


This study is undertaken to empirically investigate the impact of IFAD poverty intervention programme on rural poverty reduction in selected Local Governments Areas (LGAs) of Sokoto State. Using a structured questionnaire, the study obtains data from 210 respondents randomly drawn from the IFAD beneficiary LGAs. The study uses both descriptive and Logit regression approach for the purpose of analysis. It was found that education has significant negative relationship with rural poverty while gender, age and household size have significant positive relationship with rural poverty. It was also found that IFAD poverty intervention programme has positively impacted on the rural poverty reduction in the selected LGAs. We therefore recommend that IFAD should focus more on educating the rural communities as well as the provision of infrastructural facilities in order to ensure more effective  poverty reduction.

Keywords: Intervention, rural, poverty, reduction,

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