Catch Level and Technical Efficiency in Coastal Fisheries of Ogun State, Nigeria

  • A Ogunbameru


The study analysed fish catch efficiency of fishing households in Ogun-waterside of Ogun State, Nigeria. The data used for the analysis came from a sample survey of the area of study. Stochastic catch function was fitted to the data. Evidence from the estimated model indicated that fishing experience; capital asset, outboard engine, education and extension contact are significant factors influencing fish catch by the households. The households are all operating below the stochastic frontier. A minimum of 29.8 percent and a maximum of 84.3 percent technical efficiencies were estimated for the households. An average technical efficiency of 78.5 percent was obtained. There is a scope of 5.8 percent to increase fish catch if all the fishing households adopt the fishing method of the most efficient firm in the sample. Policy recommendations emanating from this study include over-hauling the extension delivery system in fisheries, provision of credit for the small scale fishing household, reduction in the prices of key fishing inputs like outboard engines, the provision of market outlets and storage facilities.

Keywords: Catch-function, stochastic frontier, technical efficiency


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eISSN: 1596-8308