Spirituality as Correlate of Entrepreneurship Development

  • KC Agbim
  • GO Oriarewo


Owing to the overtly increasing level of religiosity without a corresponding increase in spirituality, the low entrepreneurial intentionality among jobless youths, the high rate of unemployment and poverty, and the uncertainties in the Nigerian business environment which have given rise to an unprecedented need to fast-track entrepreneurship development, this study was designed to investigate the influence of the dimensions of spirituality on entrepreneurship development. The study identified vision, hope/faith, altruistic love, meaning/calling and membership as the dimensions of spirituality. The data generated were analysed using multiple regression analysis. It was found that vision, meaning/calling and altruistic love are the significant predictors of entrepreneurship development. The study concludes that: vision will inspire entrepreneurial intentions and motivate would-be entrepreneurs to seek to actualize their vision through entrepreneurial networking support; meaning/calling will instigate the acquisition of entrepreneurial capabilities from entrepreneurial network providers; and altruistic love will enhance their integration into the network and the eventual cordial work-support relationship that will assure entrepreneurial success. The study recommends a reinvention of entrepreneurship development centres/agencies and a review of entrepreneurship development curriculum so as to ensure the internalization of spirituality values by budding entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Spirituality, entrepreneurship development, workplace spirituality


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eISSN: 1596-8308