Information System and Insurance Business in Nigeria

  • JA Oladipo
  • MO Fashagba
  • VA Olanrewaju


Information system has been making impact in the contemporary business would. It is an invaluable resource to management as long as the businesses require data process. This study examines the impact of the Information System on Insurance Business in Nigeria. The study collected data from Royal Exchange Insurance Nigeria plc using primary sources of Questionnaire and Interview methods. 50 copies of questionnaire were administered among the staff of the Kano branch of the insurance company. The study used the 30 copies of the questionnaire that were valid. Simple percentage descriptive statist tics method was used for data presentation. The study used Chi Square method to analyze the data and test the hypothesis. The study concludes from the test that information system has a significant impact on insurance business. The study recommends that organisation should encourage their employees to attend seminar on information system to harvest the benefits toward the advancement of the organisation.

Keywords: Information system, insurance, technology, economy


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eISSN: 1596-8308