Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria

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Towards the improvement of informal apprenticeship scheme for self-reliance in Nigeria

Christopher C Nwanoruo


Historically, the traditional apprenticeship is recognized the world over as a sources of acquiring skills in a trade. In this system the master craftsman sells his training product. In other words, the apprentice paid masters a fee, in cash or in labour in return for instructions in a trade. The individual gains by acquiring a skill that makes him economically and psychologically secured. Thus, there are some problems that militate against the effectiveness of apprenticeship which include: poor evaluation technique, lack of theoretical base on instruction, lack of standards, lack of modern facilities and others. This paper therefore looks at apprenticeship in Nigeria, its benefits, characteristics and the problems confronting its effectiveness. Possible solutions that can help improve its effectiveness were proffered.

Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria Vol. 9(1) 2004: 65-70
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