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Effectiveness of the Government Bursary Fund Programme in Enhancing Girl Child Access to Secondary Education in Kajiado District, Kenya

FF Mukhwana
K Murumba
OJ Aluko


The paper examines the gender trend in the award of bursaries and the total enrolment in the secondary school period 2003-2006, it examines the factors considered in allocating the bursary funds and their implications to the girl child’s participation in secondary education, it seeks the head teachers and students perception on the effectiveness of the new bursary scheme, unravels any major constraints in the disbursement procedures. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A total sample size of 190 was used. The study instruments included questionnaire for Head teachers and students, and an interview schedule for Area Education Officers. Findings of the study indicated a higher enrolment for boys than girls throughout the three year period, 2003-2006. There has been a notable increase in percentage for boys from 62% in 2004, to 65% in 2006 against the girl’s enrolment that has had a downward trend, from 38% in 2004, to 35% in 2006. Therefore, gender disparity still exists despite bursary fund scheme. Second, the bursary scheme was found to have had little impact on the beneficiaries, only 11% of the girls had been retained through bursary in comparison to total of 52% girl applicants hence amount was not adequate. None of the beneficiaries had excelled in Kenya National Examination Council to be admitted to public universities. Third, the procedure was found to be long tedious and expensive. Favoritism, corruption and an inefficient system with forms reaching recipients late were among the constraints. Lack of monitoring was evident hence the needy were locked out. As a way forward, the study therefore recommended that a school selected team comprising of deputy head teacher, class teachers, a member of the board and parents representative be recognized, head teachers avail to them lists of beneficiaries from other bodies like Non Governmental Organizations to avoid duplication of students awards.

Key words: bursary fund programme, girl child education

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