Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Education Institution

  • OL Mbiewa
Keywords: entrepreneurship education, education institution


This paper sets out to emphasize how entrepreneurship education can increase employment, productivity and create wealth through implementation of entrepreneurship education in all Education institutions of learning in Nigeria. Credence was given to Bertrand Russell’s principles of right and wrong education. This document posits that Nigeria is burdened with unemployment, cases of crimes, wrong education, wrong use of skills; wrong religious believes, unsuppressed graduate unemployment, acute tribal and selfish interest. However, Nigeria has very good philosophies, beautiful definitions of education, excellent education plans, aims and objectives of education. These philosophies, plans, aims or objectives of education are often without practical implementation, financial supports and sustainability which are contrary to what is loved and admired in Britain, America, Germany or Japan. The success of entrepreneurship education in Japan, Germany and the former Soviet Union were examined and believed that sustainable development of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria is simply difficult but not impossible in her industries and economy. It was anticipated in conclusion, that Nigeria will implement entrepreneurship education in her education institutions of learning. Hoping that, students will be helped to graduate with good handiworks for self employment and for employment of other people. Entrepreneurship Education will thereby, confront unemployment, reduce poverty, create wealth, develop self reliance and create employment. Suggestions and recommendations were made for successful implementation of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 1118-5570