Impact de la consommation de café sur la consommation de psychotropes

  • S Salifou
  • C Nascimento
  • G Bonet
Keywords: Coffee, insomnia, psychotropic drugs, Haute Saône


English Title: Impact of coffee consumption on psychotropics consumption

Objective: Show that a reduction of coffee consumption among psychiatric patients may reduce the doses of psychotropic drugs and the total number of drugs. Framework and method: It was an analytical cross-sectional study of 47 patients hospitalized at Courbet-USR, February 1st to march 31st, 2013.

Results: Twenty-six patients (55.3%) of our sample are coffee drinkers. The majority (84.6%) consume coffee for over 11 years. More than half (53.9%) patients of coffee consumers exceed 5 cups of coffee per day. Eighteen patients coffee drinkers (69.2%) started the consumer before the first symptoms of the disease. The pleasure of drinking coffee prevailed with 73.1% of cases. Antipsychotics, anxiolytics and hypnotics were prescribed respectively in 95.7%, 55.3% and 42.6% of patients in the sample. Hypnotics were prescribed more in coffee drinkers (53.8%) than non-users (28.6%). Anxiolytics were prescribed in most coffee drinkers (57.7%) than non-users (52.4%). Most of our patients have more than 4 drugs.

Keywords: Coffee, insomnia, psychotropic drugs, Haute Saône


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