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Comparison of feeding ecology and dietary between olive colobus monkey (Procolobus verus) groups in forest fragments and continuous forest, Benin

S Djego-Djossou, E Wiafe, D Hakizamana, G.A. Mensah, B.A. Sinsin


In order to understand the feeding behavior of olive colobus, Procolobus verus in southern Benin (West Africa), a study on food ecology and diet of this species was conducted in two different habitats. The experiment was designed as Ad libitum sampling procedure was conducted with four unhabituated groups of olive colobus living in continuous forest and forest fragments, indicated that, this monkey was fed on foliage in both forest. However, leaves are the most important food in continuous forest compared with forest fragments but fruits, the least important in continuous forest. Results also showed that olive colobus was fed on 37parts of 25 plants species in forest fragments, and 42 parts of 32 plants species in continuous forest. Specific richness for both forests was 47 species, Sorensen similary index was 18% and 10 species were commonly occurred in two forests : Albizia zygia, Cleistopholis patens, Cynometra megalophylla, Leucaniodiscus cupanioïdes, Pauridiantha hirtella, Psychotria calva, Pterocarpus santalinoïdes, Spondianthus preussii, Terminalia avicennioïdes, Xylopia parviflora.

Keywords: Procolobus verus, feeding, ab libitum, forest fragments, continuous forest, diet

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