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Contribution a l'etude des plantes alimentaires mineures dans la prefecture de Dankpen (Togo)

AB Kebenzikato, S Akpavi, K Batawila, K Wala, M Dourma, K Kossi-Titrikou, KS Amouzou, I Butare, H Dantsey-Barry, K Akpagana


Ethnobotanic survey was carried in eleven localities (10 villages and Guerin-Kouka town) in Dankpen district (Bassar) on minor food plants threatened of disappearance. 67 minor food plants identified were
sharing up in 16 families. Dioscoreaceae (16 local varieties), Poaceae (16 local varieties) and Fabaceae (15 local varieties) are the most significant families with crop plants (83.58%) and spontaneous woody
plants (16.42%). Unequal partition of plants are distinguish in Possao (68.65%), Kloukpon (62.68%), Nandouta (41.79%) and Kpabol (32.83) villages. Men and women are concerned on plants management
and plants transformation or produce sale is the work of women. Ecological and economic factors explain low fuel consumption of minor food plants. Under consumption is related to the changes of food practices which become less authentic in rural and urban localities. Consciousness-raising campaign on minor food plants nutritional values and management is necessary in district of Dankpen or in Togo.

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