Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report

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Anterior palatal island advancement flap for bone graft coverage: technical note

Amin Rahpeyma, Saeedeh Khajehahmadi


Background: The most important step in bone graft management is soft tissue coverage. Dehiscence of the wound leads to graft exposure and subsequent problems.

Purpose: This study introduces an axial pattern flap for bone graft coverage in anterior maxilla.

Patients and Methods: Use of Anterior Palatal Island Advancement Flap is presented by the authors. It is a mucoperiosteal flap with axial pattern blood supply, based on nasopalatine artery. It is easy to raise and predictable.

Results: Anterior Palatal Island Advancement Flap was effective in bone graft coverage in premaxillary edentulous area.

Conclusion: It can be used as an aid for bone graft coverage of premaxillary edentulous ridge, where the need for mucosa is small in width but long in length.

Keywords: Anterior maxilla, bone graft, dental implant, palatal advancement flap
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