Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report

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A Simple Technique for Adjustment of the Femoral Offset at the Site of Hip Spacer Implantation

K Anagnostakos, O Lorbach, P Orth, K Koch


The decrease of femoral offset might play a role in the emergence of hip spacer dislocations, but it has not been discussed in the literature yet. The present work describes a technique for femoral offset adjustment. Either a bended blade plate or a dynamic hip screw can be used. The depth of the insertion and the angle of the particular implant are defined by the size of the offset adjustment required in each case. The described technique is feasible to produce a customized hip spacer, allowing for the preservation of an adequate muscle tension by individual adjustment of the femoral offset between stages.

Key words: Antibiotic‑loaded bone cement, femoral offset, hip joint infection, hip spacer, spacer dislocation
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