Sanative Measures against Offensive Odour that Affect Indigenous tanned Leathers in Ghana

  • JOB Boahin
  • K Asubonteng
  • VE Adu-Gyamfi
Keywords: Odour, Flesh, Leather, Pelt, Tanned Leather


The negative impact of offensive odour associated with indigenous tanned leathers in Ghana is very high, thus making the promotion of the local leather products difficult in both local and external markets. This paper describes technology that can be adopted to control the offensive odour that affects the value of indigenous leather and leather products. Experiments were thus carried out using material and technical means to determine the possibility of curbing the offensive odour associated with these indigenous tanned leathers. The material and technical means refer to the use of sanding tool to sand off excess flesh from the fleshy side of leather; and soaking of leather in a soapy water made with perfume toilet-soap after which drying is done under room temperature. The experiments proved that the presence of excess flesh and fatty substances left after tanning and the use of untreated organic substances are the primary causes of offensive odour in the indigenous tanned leathers and leather products. The technology so devised has led to the production of leathers that are free of offensive odour.

Keywords: Odour, Flesh, Leather, Pelt, Tanned Leather


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